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The Canton of Clatspurgen [Urban Pop: 15,000; Rural Pop: 25,000] is a region located in the nation of Perrenland.

As its name suggests, this canton covers the Clatspur ranges in the East of Perrenland. Clatspurgen was Perrenland's first canton, formed in 400 CY when Perrenland won its independence.

The canton is mainly populated by folk of the Roodberg clan, who sought the formation of the canton in return for their support of the fight for independence.

Clatspurgen is a diverse land backed by high rugged mountains to the East, gentle slopes and plains in the centre and Lake Quag to the West. Income from mining, furs, agriculture, manufacturing and above all trade have added to the reputation that Clatspurgen is the wealthiest Canton.

Politically the Canton of Clatspurgen is in a precarious state, with some of the fiercely independent Vosser clansmen in the mountains refusing to recognise the Roodberg Phalzgraf as their rightful representative, and talk of an elvish independance movement around the Kershane Pass. Clatspurgen is represented by the hereditary Phalzgraf of the Roodberg clan thus making the Vosser's intransigence technically illegal.


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