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By the Wayside is an adventure for 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D for 4-6 characters of levels 6th-10th. It was published in Dungeon Magazine #19. This module asks for the Wilderness Survival Guide to be run fully. This module also includes optional 2nd Edition AD&D content, suggesting material from the AD&D 2e Player's Handbook.


""By the Wayside" is an AD&D® game adventure for 4-6 characters of 6th- 10th level (about 40 total levels). It is set in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK® adventure setting (near hex B5-127) but is generic enough to be adapted to other game worlds with little difficulty. A party strong in fighter types is essential to success as the adventurers' main foes are physically powerful and highly resistant to magic. A druid character would also be of great value, since the entire scenario takes place out of doors."



  • Terry Dykstra: Adventurers rowing through the swamp (p.4), Adventurers vs Agruntha and the Crimson Death(p.12)


  • Agruntha, a green hag and antagonist of the module.(p.5-6,12-13)
  • Felloyd, lieutenant of Braken's garrison and toady to Turisad(p.7)
  • Leghera, owner of 'Leghera's Lizard Leathers', an alligator leather buisness, owner of Toothsome the blind Giant alligator and mother of Yukel and Queslin.
  • Elmeara Olpesh, a capable adventurer (p.7)
  • Penard, innkeeper of The Gallows Tree inn.(p.6)
  • Plar of Hool(p.4)
  • Rafin, bakluni assassin(p.7)
  • Tedini, a misanthropic old crone blamed by the village of Braken for Agruntha's doings(p.5-6,8)
  • Fengran Turisad, Captain of Braken's garrison(p.7)


  • Alligator(p.7)
  • Alligator, Giant(p.7)
  • Bat(p.10)
  • Boobrie(p.10)
  • Crane, Giant(p.10)
  • Crimson Death(p.5,12-13)
  • Ghoul(p.10)
  • Hag, Green(p.5,12-13)
  • Leech, Giant(p.10)
  • Lizard, Giant(p.10)
  • Rat, Giant(p.10)
  • Snake, Constrictor(p.10)
  • Snake, Poisonous(p.10)
  • Spider, Huge(p.10)
  • Spider, Large(p.10)
  • Toad, Giant(p.10)
  • Toad, Poisonous(p.10)
  • Will-o-wisp(p.10)
  • Wolf(p.10)
  • Wolf, Fire(p.10)


  • Gethul- a sentient flamebrand.
  • Potion of Fog Giant Strength


  • Amedio Jungle (p.4)
  • Keoland (p.4)
  • Sea of Princes(p.4-5)
    • Hool Marshes(p.4-5)
      • Bracken(p.5-6)
      • Javan River(p.5)
      • Monmurg(p.5-6)
  • Yeomanry(p.4)


  • Worship of Dagon(p.4)
  • Worship of Orcus(p.4)


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