Old Common term: Beojebline

Bugbears are the largest and strongest members of the goblinoid race.


- Bugbears used to live in the Dapple Wood in Furyondy for a time but have not been seen for over a decade after rangers, knights, and militiamen hunted them down without mercy.

- A peculiar sub-species known as blue bugbears exist in the frozen waste of the Land of Black Ice.

- A sizeable number eke out an existence as bandits in Rift Canyon.

- An aggressive tribe of bugbears, known as the “white eye” nation, dwell in the western mountainous areas of the Vesve but has no known loyalty to Iuz.


Not known for their piety, bugbears revere chaotic deities of battle and slaughter. As such, Erythnul is popular, as is Iuz, whom they occasionally serve as soldiers.