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IcarusATB IcarusATB April 12, 2019

Let's not use Raise Dead, but rather True Resurrection

Hey there, all! I wanted to make a blog post, and hope to get other's feedback and suggestions. We've all been following this wiki for quite some time. We've seen the efforts of a select but small group of contributors in the past few months who've made sustaining edits. Notably, these have been:

  • Kenneth Blumqvist
  • Voorman
  • Gringo300
  • Mozzeltoff

They've done a fine job of writing for the wiki, and I think that should be acknowledged.

The thing I'd like to talk with you all about today is the fact that the original admin and sysop of this wiki, Mmockus, hasn't been available since 2008. Which is unfortunate, for obvious reasons.

So, the thing I would like to see is this wiki become a good resource for the community. There are far too many page…

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Kenneth Blomqvist Kenneth Blomqvist October 30, 2018

Raise from the Dead

There are so many worlds Ive played during my 35 years as GM Yes, over 50 and still playing RPGs. I must confess that Forgotten Realms been my favourite, but Greyhawk deserves to be Raised from the Dead and at have least 10000+ articles compared to Forgotten Realms Wiki that has 26,500+ articles.

Then we have Mystara, Eberron, Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Krynn, Ravenloft etc and now in November there will be Ravnica from Magic the Gathering. A lot of writing.

Please help us to lift up Greyhawk to the level it deserves.

BR Kenneth 

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