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Beyond the Crystal Cave is an adventure module for 1e AD&D designed for 5-10 characters between levels 3-6. It is recommended the party has at least one druid or cleric.(p.2) The module also makes use of the Fiend Folio, and encourages dealing with encounters with roleplay instead of combat p.7.

This adventure can be set in Greyhawk by placing the Sybarate Isle one mile off the south coast of the Fairwind Isle in Jeklea Bay, in the Azure Sea, in Hex O4-124*(p.2 See Trivia).

According to The Acaeum, a variety of codes were considered for this module, including "U4" (as a sort of addendum connected to the UK series), "S5" (adding to the "special" series), and "F1" (for "foreign"). Eventually TSR settled on "UK1." UK2: The Sentinel which is the second module in this series is unrelated to UK1 narratively.

There is a 4e D&D Encounters Module of the same name based on this module.


Fleeing from their feuding families, two star-crossed lovers sought refuge in the Cave of Echoes, fabled in legend. Desperate for the return of their loved ones, the families are offering a large reward to any band of brave adventurers who will enter the caves in pursuit of the couple. But will bravery be enough? For who knows what lies beyond the Crystal Cave?

This module is for use with the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® game system. Contained within are all the maps and encounter descriptions needed for a complete adventure. The Dungeon Master and players should be aware, however, that it will probably be an adventure unlike any they have experienced before!



  • De Leuw: Adventurers vs Giant otters p.1,
  • Timothy Truman: Towering Flowersp.4, Skeleton of a Fighter Impaled on a Stalagtitep.8
  • Unknown: Cave of Echoesp.5, Mudmen p.9,


  • Bishop David Arun Del (5th level Cleric)(p.2)
  • Caerwyn- rumoured to have been an half-elven Princess and lover of Porpherio.
  • The Governor (7th Level Fighter)(p.2)
  • The Green Man- Demigod of growth and Abundance. He enjoys brewing, gardening and singing and takes a personal interest in the garden. p.3, 11, 19-21, p. 29
  • Juliana- Governor's Daughter and one of the lovers(p.2, 25)
  • Orlando - One of the lovers. (p.2, 35)
  • Pareesh Riest (5th level magic user).(p.2)
  • Porpherio Profoundeus
  • Hamish and Argus, two human adventures under the spell of the garden p.6,25-26

There are 20 pregenerated characters for the module

  • Hildron (Human Female, Fighter 4)
  • Fahsawn (Dwarven Male, fighter 5)
  • Blish (Human male, fighter 6)
  • Amalgam (Human male, fighter 6)
  • Aeron (Human male, paladin 5)
  • Foresight (Human male, ranger 5)
  • Rowel (Half elven female, ranger 6)
  • Diansali (Human male, druid 4)
  • Meorpro (human female, druid 5)
  • Taminia (human female, druid 6)
  • Mittiere (half-elven male, cleric 5/ fighter 4)
  • Greaves (human male Cleric 4)
  • Passerine (human male, cleric 5)
  • Manumine (human female, cleric 6)
  • Pallian (half-elven female, cleric 5, magic user 4)
  • Lambda (human female, magic user 4)
  • Cline (Human male, magic user 5)
  • Osmund (human male, illusionist 6)
  • Senarius (elven female, magic user 3/ thief 4)
  • Neune (half-elven male, thief 4)


  • Deer (Stags) p.11
  • Dryads p.13
  • Badger, Giant p.11, p.15
  • Barkburr (new) p.16, 29,
    • - Direburr (New) p. 29,
  • Bear, Black P.14
  • Caryatid Collumns (Fiend Folio) P.24
  • Centaur p.16-17
  • Firedrakes (Fiend Folio) p.14
  • Frog, Giant P.14
  • Leprechauns p.11
  • Mudmen (New) p.9, 28
  • Otter, Giant, p. 18-19
  • Pixie p.15
  • Poltergeist p.8
  • Porcupine, Giant p.11
  • Satyr p.13
  • Skunk, Giant p.11
  • Treant p.16
  • Unicorn p.17
  • Yu Lung (Fiend Folio) p.12



  • Amulet of Weather Detection (as the druid spell) p.8


The Island of Sybarate[]

An island that is about 20 square miles large, and is ruled by the Commodore of Fairwind, through a local governor. A small fishing port on the north coast of the island named Sybar serves as the centre of administration and trade. There is a daily Ferry and a ship calls once a week to pass messages to the governor. There are several other villages on the island. Much of the agriculture is based on Mediterranean-esque goods such as olives, oranges, lemons, goats and grape wine. The locals are described as friendly but hot blooded, and there is little in the way of dangerous inhabitants, monster or man(p.2).

Propherio's Garden[]

A place rumoured to be an enchanted and beautiful garden, full of elven plants and benign creatures, made by Propherio for his lover Caerwyn. After her death, Propherio used magic to guard the garden from intruders p.2. It is always summer time in the garden, and the garden is enchanted to prevent magical flight or tunneling and damage from fire.p.3 The garden is about 2,600ft long and 1,900 ft wide in an ellipsoid shapep.3. Time moves 700p.4 to 720 p.13 times slower within the garden.

Cave of Echoes[]

A sentient magic cave that can grant minor requests, including things like healing spells, or reflect sound back at intruders with enough force to deafen or even knock unconscious.



Beyond The Crystal Cave Hex

Red line is O4 and the purple line is 124

The Hex given on page 2 (O4-14) is an impossible hex and likely a result of reading the Darlene Map in the wrong direction (left and down diagonally, instead of left and up diagonally). 14 can only intersect with Hexes A through to A2, but even if reading left and down the hex would end up in The County of Ulek. With the description of the Island of Sybarate being only one mile off the south coast of the Fairwind isle, then it is likely to be Hex O4- 124


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