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Name: Berei

Gender: f

Rank: Lesser Deity

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Home, Family, Agriculture

Titles: Hearth Mother

Holy Symbol: A sheaf of wheat stalks

Alignment: Neutral Good

Origin of Worship: Flan

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Domains: Community (CD), Creation (CD), Good, Plant, Protection

Description: Possibly a splinter group of Beory, Berei (BEAR-ay) is the live-giving soil and the strong stone in the foundations of a family home. She is portrayed as a strong woman of brown skin and kind demeanor.

Due to her role as a goddess of home and family, she blesses weddings, gives fertility, protects families and farmers and teaches people how to till the soil. Only Beory interests her.

Clerics of Berei tend to stay near to families, aid in farming and protect communities.

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