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Name: Beory

Gender: F

Rank: Greater Deity

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Oerth, Nature, Rain

Titles: Oerth Mother

Holy Symbol: Green disk marked with a circle or a rotund woman figurine

Alignment: Neutral (Neutral Good)

Origin of Worship: Flan

Favored Weapon: Club

Domains: Animal, Creation (CD), Earth, Plant, Water, Weather (CD)

Description: Beory (bay-OH-ree) is usually regarded a manifestation of Oerth itself. She is a distant goddess, even from her clergy, and little concerns her except the fate and prosperity of the entire world. She is also distant from other deities, even those who share a similar interest, and it is possible her connection to the Oerth consumes her attention. Her name is well known throughout the Flanaess although she is primarily a Flan deity.

Clerics of Beory are contemplative and spend much of their time communing with nature. They often associate with druids, who naturally share similar views. The clergy defers to oldest and wisest for guidance. Priests tend to be slow to act, as they try to see the 'greater picture', but once roused they are direct and focused on the solution. They wander to feel the different experiences of the world and use their powers relieve the Oerth's pain where it has been wounded.

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