The Baklunish are an ethnic group of humans.

Physical Characteristics Edit Edit

These humans are characterized as having golden-skin and are less mixed than the races of the central Flanaess. The Wolf Nomads are Baklunish with heavy Flan admixture. Baklunish hair is usually straight, dark, and very fine, and their eyes tend toward green. They have long limbs and facial features, with high cheekbones.

History Edit Edit

Descendants of the human inhabitants of the ancient Baklunish Empire, the modern Baklunish people are confined chiefly to the northwest Flanaess. Their once great empire was destroyed in the Invoked Devastation centuries ago, forcing them to migrate eastwards.

Culture Edit Edit

The Baklunish people retained much of their customs and traditions from their ancient empire. Honor, family, generosity, and piety are fundamental virtues. Use of their classical language, Ancient Baklunish, in religious observances, higher learning, and the fine arts has preserved their ancestral traditions. The Baklunish have a dependence on horses (especially among the nomads).