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The Auszugens

The 1st Auszugen: The White Heart

Located in Traft, the 1st are known for their savagery in battle and kindness and calmness in peace. Their Auchauszegan (General) is Taanar VanOostl.

The 2nd Auszugen: The Steady Second

Located in Quagfludt, the 2nd is known as a very stoic force and has never been routed. Their history tells proudly of their defences that they fight to the last man.

The 3rd Auszugen: The Sturm Crows

Located in Yattenheid, the 3rd are reknowned for their supurb level of fitness and endurance.

The 4th Auszugen: First Strike

Located in Krestible, this Auszugen has a reputation for launching fierce onslaughts. Rarely a defensive force their officers attack better than defend.

The 5th Auszugen: The Fighting Fifth

Located in Clatspurgen, these troops have a reputation for ranged attacks. They are excellent shots with bows in particular.

The 6th Auszugen: Ungen Suns

Located in Schwartzenbruin, the 6th have a higher proportion of newer troops as its location is 'safer' than all the others. It is sometimes known as the 'Training Auszugen'

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