Rary the Traitor
Rary the Traitor
Tipo Manuale di Ambientazione e Avventura
Autore/i Anthony Pryor
Casa Editrice Tactical Studies Rules
Edizione AD&D 2a Edizione
Pubblicazione 1992
Pagine 45
Classificazione Canon
In the agonizing aftermath of the Greyhawk Wars, when conflict touched virtually every corner of the continent, few gained more infamy that Rary of the Circle of the Eight. Once considered a quiet, peaceful man with few ambitions, the great mage was instead corrupted to the ways of evil, and in the process slew two of the wisest and most powerful wizard of the Flanaess. Now, fleeing south with his co-cospirator and their loyal troops, he has carved out an empire in the wilderness, and threathens to inflic more harm and chaos on a world long grown weary of war and strife

Thus begins this supplement fo the GREYHAWK campaign setting, the first since the world-shattering GREYHAWK Wars boxed game. Descriptions of Rary's desert fortress in the Brass Hill are here, as are statistics on his co-conspirator, Lord Robilar. The back-breaking mines of Abbor Alz, home to the duergar, and the Ghost Tower of Inverness are detailed as well, along with dozens of other places, things, and persons.

It is not necessary to have played the GREYHAWK Wars boxed game in order to use this material.

The campaign material contained in this booklet is suitable for players and referees of all levels; the adventures, however, are aimed at characters of levels 8 and up.