Ivid the Undying
Tipo Manuale di Ambientazione
Autore/i Carl Sargent
Casa Editrice Tactical Studies Rules
Edizione AD&D 2a Edizione
Pubblicazione 1993
Pagine 163
Classificazione Canon
The Great Kingdom is sundered, collapsed into chaos after the terrible Greyhawk Wars. An insane Overking, advised by a malefic priesthood and conversing with fiends atop is Malachite Throne, slew and revified many of his local noble rulers as animuses, undead creatures of cold, hateful passion.

Great armies once the envy of the Flanaess wander the lands as freebooting mercenaries and pillagers, stripping the once-abundant treasures of this great nation. More than 300 years of slow degeneration and decline have climaxed in an appalling tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children have perished, and many more will follow in the years ahead.